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“E” Ticket

Travel on a cushion
of air in these
high-tech bumper cars.

Photo of the Flying Saucers attraction

Welcome to one of the most interesting uses of space-age technology ever employed by a theme park.

Photo of a girl in a Flying Saucer
  • Sit down on your individual Flying Saucer.
  • Hold on to the round handles on either side of your seat.
  • As the ride cycle begins, air valves directly below your Saucer lift it up.
  • Tilt your body to make your Saucer scoot across floor, actuating air valves as you pass over them.
  • Bump into other guests—surprise them from behind.

When your ride cycle ends, a giant arm pushes you back into the loading area.

The Flying Saucers opened in Disneyland in 1961 and closed just five years later. When the New Tomorrowland opened in 1967, the space previously occupied by the Flying Saucers became the Tomorrowland Stage. In 1986, this space became the Magic Eye Theater.

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Photo of the Flying Saucers attraction (large): 1961 by Roger J. Runck, courtesy of Robin Runck. Photo of the Flying Saucers attraction (small): 1966 by Werner Weiss.
Photo of girl in a saucer: 1965 by Jack Chin, courtesy of Dave Chin.