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Photo of old color slides
Color slides from many years ago hold a visual history of Disneyland.

Yesterland isn’t the only site about the history of Disney Parks. There are other sites with vintage Disney park photographs and all sorts of Disney park history. And while Yesterland deals primarily with Disneyland in California, there are sites that deal with defunct attractions at Walt Disney World. You can also find vintage photos and interesting commentary at a number of blogs that have popped up.

I hope you enjoy the links on this page.


Davelandblog provides “new and vintage photos of Disneyland thrown in with a rant or two.”
Designing Disney
Designing Disney celebrates the art and history of Disney theme parks.
Disney and More
Alain Littaye publishes this blog with an incredible collection of Imagineering art.
Disney History
“Interesting discoveries about Disney history, vintage Disneyana, Disney artwork, the Walt’s People book series, and new books about Disney,” by Didier Ghez.
Gorillas Don’t Blog
The blogger admits this is a “ridiculously-named blog.” Great vintage Disneyland color slides and descriptions! Click on the pictures for much larger images.
Insights and Sounds
Blogger Mark Taft discusses all sorts of things that interest him. His main focus is on Disney theme parks, including the development of attractions, Imagineering art, and critical analysis of park elements.
Imagineering Disney
This is an unofficial blog about Walt Disney Imagineering and the Disney parks of yesterday and today, with many terrific photos.
With the tagline “We’re bringing nerdy back,” George Taylor blogs about “books, movies, links and Theme Parkeology.”
Kevin Kidney
Kevin Kidney describes himself as a “long-time Disney designer, now a self-employed art director, illustrator, writer, sculptor, and maker of things.” His blog often features historical Disney content and striking mid-century style graphics.
O.C. History Update
This blog isn’t strictly about Disneyland; it’s about the county that’s the home of Disneyland—and with which Disneyland shares its history. There’s a great collection of O.C. history links too.
The Original Disneyland Hotel
The Disneyland Hotel is almost as old as Disneyland Park, and it has a history that’s just as interesting. This blog by author Donald Ballard takes you back in time.
outsidetheberm (Outside the Berm)
The blog celebrates the “builders and dreamers, artists and schemers who created all your childhood memories in the great American theme park.”
Park Hopping
Allen Huffman, who has provided many wonderful photos for Yesterland, has his own blog. The emphasis is on photos from the past and observations about the past versus the present.
Passport to Dreams Old and New
The tagline here is: “Taking Disney seriously.”
Progress City, U.S.A.
It’s really hard to come up with a succinct description of this blog. So let’s just say it’s about Disney, and it’s very good. See for yourself.
Although not updated since 2010, the archived articles here are still worth reading. It’s… “A forum for Pixar and Disney professionals passionate about the Disney Theme Parks to catalog past Imagineering missteps and offer tenable practical solutions in hopes that a new wave of creative management at Imagineering can restore some of the wonder and magic that’s been missing from the parks for decades.”
SamLand’s Disney Adventures
Sam Gennawey, an urban planner, authors a blog that’s primarily about the history and design of the Disney theme parks. His blog entries provide details and insight that you’ve probably not read anywhere else.
Stuff from the Park
According to the blogger, Matterhorn1959, this is “a collection of images and other items from Disneyland, theme parks and other amusement parks. Also look for images and items I find interesting, amusing or both.”
The description of this blog is: “This will be a blog about Disneyland, mostly pictures that I have taken in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I hope you all enjoy :)”
Vintage Disneyland Tickets
It’s not just about Disneyland tickets, but that’s the starting point for this Disneyland history site.

Disneyland Park in California

Atommobiles.com: Adventure Thru Inner Space
Here’s a whole site with sights, sound and flash animation of the attraction that was in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland from 1967 until 1986.
Disneyland Hotel: The Early Years, 1954-1988
The Disneyland Hotel wasn’t built by Walt Disney; it was built by entrepreneur Jack Wrather. Today, we think of the Disneyland Hotel as three highrise towers, but it was originally a campus of lowrise buildings. Do you want to see pictures and learn more? Visit this site.
Disneyland Photos at Daveland
Daveland has a spectacular collection of vintage Disneyland photos, some going all the way back to 1955. The site relies on pop-ups to show larger images, so make sure you’re not blocking pop-ups.
The Walt Disney Company describes D23 as “Disney’s first official community for fans.” You don’t have to be a member to enjoy the great web content.
The Imaginary World: Disneyland Photo Tour
Take a photo tour of Disneyland in the 1950s and 1960s.
Jan’s World
Jan Vincent tells you all about the entertainment at Frontierland’s Golden Horseshoe Saloon—the classic Golden Horseshoe Revue and the comic bluegrass act Billy Hill (Krazy Kirk) and the Hillbillies.
Keeline.com: Your Key to Our World
If you look around the home page, you’ll find links to pages about Disneyland ticket books, Disneyland magazines, and other Disney content.
The Lion King Celebration
Allyn Fratkin presents a cyber-tribute to this outstanding parade, which ran from 1994 to 1997. Lots of great photos.

Walt Disney World in Florida

Epcot’s Horizons, an ride about living in the future, closed permanently on January 9, 1999, to be replaced by “Mission: Space.”
Lost Epcot
EPCOT Center opened on October 1, 1982. Much has changed since then. This site takes you to the attractions that have closed or been redone over the years.
Walt Dated World
Read about Walt Disney World attractions that no longer exist. This site also includes Walt Deleted World, about attractions that were never built.
Walt Disney’s Original EPCOT Project
This site describes Walt Disney’s vision of EPCOT—Walt’s planned Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow—not Epcot, the theme park.
Widen Your World
Mike Lee presents the Magic Kingdom’s “extinct” attractions, shops, restaurants and other features. Visit Space Mountain’s RCA years (featuring the Home of Future Living), the Mickey Mouse Revue, If You Had Wings, the Swan Boats, and more.

Multiple Disney Parks

Disney Fans Photo Site at DisneyFans.com
See tens of thousands of digital photos taken primarily at Disney theme parks by Allen Huffman. Because the photos go back to 1996, there’s plenty of park history here.
Korkis Korner at MousePlanet
Disney historian Jim Korkis (who wrote for MousePlanet as Wade Sampson from May 2010 until September 2010) writes columns that concentrate on stories of Disney history that haven’t been recorded elsewhere.
This Day in Disney History
Click on any day of the 12-month calendar to find our what happened on that day in the life of Walt Disney and the company that he founded.

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Birthplace
Walt Disney was born in Chicago in 1901 in a modest house built by his father, Elias Disney. A restoration of the house began in 2013. It’s not yet open to the public, but it will be. Learn how you can help.
The Walt Disney Family Museum
The Walt Disney Family Museum opened in the Presidio of San Francisco on October 1, 2009. Plan a visit, learn what’s going on, buy tickets online, or become a member. This site is hosted by Disney.go.com.
The Walt Disney Hometown Museum
The Walt Disney Hometown Museum is in Marceline, Missouri, the boyhood home of Walt Disney. Housed in the town’s historic railroad station, the museum’s collection includes Disney family artifacts that you can’t see anywhere else.


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