Photo of the "Plane Crazy" Stage Show
You’ve now seen the top-secret X-22 spy plane. I guess it’s not secret anymore.
“Plane Crazy” Stage Show

Sit back and enjoy “Plane Crazy,” a colorful and imaginative stage spectacular. Don Karnage and Fat Cat have stolen the X-22 spy plane. Now it’s up to all the heroes from Disney Afternoon programs to recover it. Enjoy comedy, music, romance, and dance in this fast-paced show.

The “Plane Crazy” stage show ran on Disneyland’s Videopolis Stage in 1991 as a feature of The Disney Afternoon LIVE!

Videopolis was built in 1985 as a dance-floor and music arena for young adults. The “Video” in Videopolis referred to the 70 huge video screens that provided images to go with the dance music. Seating areas overlooked the 5,000 square foot dance floor.

With the addition of bench seats on what had been the dance floor, Videopolis became a 2,000 seat outdoor theater for stage shows. In addition to “Plane Crazy,” Videopolis was the venue for “One Man’s Dream,” a 1990 stage show about Walt Disney; “Dick Tracy: Diamond Double-Cross,” based on the 1990 Touchstone release; and “Beauty and the Beast,” an amazing stage version of Disney’s Academy Award nominated, 1991 animated feature. With the opening of “The Spirit of Pocahontas” in June 1995, Videopolis was renamed the Fantasyland Theatre.

Here’s a bit of trivia: Plane Crazy was also the name of the first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever made. If you think this honor belongs to Steamboat Willie, you’re sort-of right. Steamboat Willie—the first “talking picture” cartoon—was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon released, but was actually the third Mickey Mouse cartoon made. There is no similarity between the cartoon and the stage show, except that they both involve an aircraft.

The Spirit of Pocahontas
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Photograph of “Plane Crazy”: 1991 by Werner Weiss